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Comm: Quill in Flight by TeaQuill Comm: Quill in Flight :iconteaquill:TeaQuill 7 16 Comm: Taking a Breakup to New Heights by TeaQuill Comm: Taking a Breakup to New Heights :iconteaquill:TeaQuill 16 11 Comm: Chrissie, the last Giantess by TeaQuill Comm: Chrissie, the last Giantess :iconteaquill:TeaQuill 36 8 Comm: Starry Summer by TeaQuill Comm: Starry Summer :iconteaquill:TeaQuill 7 10 Comm: Bath by TeaQuill
Mature content
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Slice of Pie
There weren't many of us left.
How many? That, right there, is an excellent question. I'm sure that someone somewhere knows how many. I couldn't tell you. All I know is that we are numbered and the number isn't high.
I think once upon a time our society thrived or, at the very least, expected to thrive. We had a good relationship with the large world around us, one that was based on mutually beneficial arrangements. I could remember a time when food was plentiful, soft fabrics adorned our bodies, and warm hands transported us. A weeks journey could be done in seconds. Ah yes, those were the glory days. They were also a foggy memory for me. I had been very young when those gentle hands became cruel and harsh, when tender grasps became calloused grips.
Finding sanctuary had been the hardest. We were quite tiny beings in a rather large world controlled by giants. They seemed like giants to us at least, towering over our small villages as though they were trees surrounding an anthill. The
:iconteaquill:TeaQuill 10 12
Commission: Oh Dear by TeaQuill
Mature content
Commission: Oh Dear :iconteaquill:TeaQuill 50 18
He of the Dragon Tattoo by TeaQuill He of the Dragon Tattoo :iconteaquill:TeaQuill 3 12 Commission: Don't Get Daisy Angry by TeaQuill Commission: Don't Get Daisy Angry :iconteaquill:TeaQuill 40 16


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Drawing is love. Drawing is life. I'm trying to advance my skills as much as I can with the goal of making a living from it one day. In the meantime, it's a passion I pursue with perpetual pleasure!

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Comm: Taking a Breakup to New Heights
This was a piece done for :iconlordwolx: as a cover for his series "Taking a Breakup to New Heights." If you want to read the story, here's a link to the first chapter! Find out what Ashley has planned for Andrew and Yuki.

Taking a Breakup to New Heights! Chapter 1
Comm: Chrissie, the last Giantess
This is a piece done for :icona0040pc: of his characters Chrissie and Remy. Here's a link to the first chapter of the series! (I want to pinch Chrissie's cheeks , she's so darn cute :happybounce: )

The Last Giantess: Chapter 1

Comm: Bath
So this is the next picture in the Tom and Sam series. Following the unfortunate ice-cream incident, Sam was kind enough to wash Tom off. Contains male nudity.

Sam lifted little Tom with her right hand, then lay him on his back on the towel. She dipped a corner of a washcloth in the warm water. Then Sam wrapped the damp corner of the washcloth around her index finger, and gently rubbed the ice cream off of Tom’s face and chest. She again dipped the washcloth in the bowl in order to get the ice cream off the cloths. Now she gently picked up Tom’s left arm and wiped it off, and repeated the same process with his right arm. Once more Sam dipped the washcloth in the warm water, and proceeded to clean off Tom’s little tummy.

At that point Sam hesitated. “Tom,” she whispered, “you know I need to wash off all of you. Please don’t take this the wrong way”. She carefully started to apply the damp cloth to her little friend’s private area. She was relieved as she realized the thickness of the washcloth prevented her from actually feeling his little male parts. She looked at Tom, but all she saw was a blank expression. Hopefully that meant he wasn’t offended or embarrassed by her actions. Finally, Sam washed off Tom’s legs. The she gently dried Tom with the last washcloth.

Once dry, Sam left Tom lying naked on the towel. He was clearly exhausted by events of the day. She looked down on him. She could feel herself falling in love with Tom. He was so tiny and vulnerable. Were her feelings those of romantic love, or was it more a form of maternal instinct? He was helpless, and she felt the need to look after him much like a small child. But at the same time, he was still handsome, and once he got over his shock, he’d no doubt return to his witty and considerate ways. It was hard to tell what was motivating her feelings for him. The she shook herself from her thoughts – she needed to get back to looking after her little guy. There was still a lot to do before the day was over.
This is just a small heads up that I'll be away for a week from February 20th to March 1st. I'll be in a place where there's little to no internet access, so if you send me a note and wonder "what's taking so long!?" well.... please leave your name and number. Your note is very important to me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can ^_^ 


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Why was I not watching you before? Fixed. You have some wonderful art. :D
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Aw, I'm sorry =( I'd like to get back to it. I'm not sure I make a good comic artist for my own stories. It's slow, and I get distracted. I'm thinking of continuing it as a written story with maybe just key images drawn out.
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